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Information submitted will be used solely for the purpose of obtaining the certificates ordered and will not be used for marketing or any other commercial purposes. We do not store information about the visitors of this site such as IP addresses, etc.

Payment Options

You may choose to pay through credit card, money order, certified cheque or personal cheque. Payment must be made payable to ‘Canada Certificates’.

Delivery of Documents

Canada Certificates does not mail any of the certificates to the applicant. All certificates are delivered through the specific government agency depending on each certificate. As such, delays or errors may occur that are out of Canada Certificate's control. Non-delivery of a certificate will not warrant to issuance of a refund.


Canada Certificates cannot guarantee that our web site does not contain incorrect information.
Canada Certificates is not a government agency. We do not accept responsibility for incorrect information, delays in receiving a certificate, or errors. Use of our service is subject to this disclaimer.

Refund Policy

After a form has been submitted there are no refunds.