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Ontario Birth Certificate

Who May Apply For a Birth Certificate?

  1. You may apply for yourself if you are at least 13 years old; or
  2. A parent of the individual for whom the certificate is being ordered; or
  3. A Legal Guardian. A Court Order that specifies the custody agreement between the subject and the applicant or a Separation Agreement that specifies the custody agreement between the subject and the applicant will be required; or
  4. If you are the Next-of-Kin, executor or estate administrator, you may request a certificate if the subject is deceased. You will be required to submit either a) Death Certificate or b) Funeral Directors' Statement of Death or c)Certificate of Appointment of Estate Trustee or d) An order under the Declarations of Death Act, 2002. You must also include an Affidavit that swears that you are the closest surviving next of kin.
  5. Anyone with written consent from one of individuals described in lines 1 through 4. (A document stating that the individual authorizes you to apply will be required.)


A Guarantor is required for individuals 9 years of age and older. For ages 8 and younger there is no requirement to have a guarantor.

Types of Birth Certificates


Short Form (Wallet Size)

  • Contains the individual's name, date of birth, certificate number, birthplace, sex, date of registration, and the date issued. The short form cannot be issued for deceased individuals.

Long Form (Birth Certificate with Parental Information)

  • The Long Form Certificate contains all information included in the Short Form plus the name(s) and place(s) of birth of the subject's parents. This form is recommended for newborns and children under 16 years of age where parental information is required.

Certified Copy of Birth Registration

  • When a child is born in Ontario, their parent(s) or guardian(s) must register their birth with the Government of Ontario. A certified copy of birth registration is a copy of the original registration and:
    • includes all details of the registration

    • is endorsed as authentic by the Office of the Registrar General

    • is printed on legal sized paper

    • contains a raised seal for security and verification purposes

    • contains any changes that have been made to the birth registration including any name changes and corrections of information (as a historical record)

  • You can use a certified copy of birth registration to apply for ID that requires more detailed information, such as adopting a child abroad, certain immigration or citizenship applications and visa applications.


Newborns – A birth certificate can only be issued after the birth has been registered. Registration takes approximately 16 weeks from the time of birth. Rush service is not available for babies within their first 16 weeks. Please contact the Office of the Registrar if you require a birth certificate on a rush basis.

Births Prior to 1930 – Births prior to 1930 may require an additional 8 weeks for processing.

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