Who May Apply For a Birth Certificate?

Birth certificates may be released to:

  1. The person who is the subject of the certificate; or
  2. A parent of the person who is subject, if that person is less than 19 years of age or incapable; or
  3. A custodial guardian (Custodial guardians must provide a copy of guardianship papers); or
  4. A person who has written authorization from a person described in the above lines; or
  5. An officer of an provincial government or the government of Canada who requires the certificate for use in the discharge of official duties ; or
  6. Any person who satisfies the Chief Executive Officer concerning the good faith of the person's cause for the requiring of the certificate

Types of Birth Certificates

Individual Information Certificate

  • Includes information about the subject like name,date, place, gender, registration date and number

Individual and Parental Information Certificate

  • Includes information such as name, date, place, gender, registration date and number, parents' names and birthplace

Fees & Processing Times

  • Regular Service - 15 to 20 business days average processing and mailing time - $80.00 each
  • For a rush delivery (approximately 6 - 9 business days) there is an additional $35 to the cost of the certificate.

Shipping outside of Canada will require a longer period of time.

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